Build Climate Confidence

Faced with a changing climate, the world is transitioning to a low-carbon, more resilient economy.

For businesses, this means unprecedented pressure to govern and disclose climate-related risks and opportunities.

Our platform & services uncover the insights needed to respond to climate pressure, partner to develop actionable resilience plans, and find climate confidence.

Your Climate Change Partner

Companies face transition risks, reputational risks, changing market demands, and physical risks to assets and operations.

Investors, board members, and consumers are increasingly asking for organizations’ positions on managing climate-related risk.

There’s a lot of pressure, a lot of information and a lot of opportunity to build a climate-resilient business.

We help you understand your business’ climate-related risks and opportunities so it can thrive in a world affected by climate change.

Climate software built on the expertise of today’s leading climate experts

With climate confidence comes business opportunity. Our experts have helped hundreds of leading businesses find their advantage adjusting to climate change.

We built the Manifest platform based on their experience. Every insight has been tried, tested and aligned to today’s best practices.