The leading Climate Risk Planning solution built by climate experts

Is your organization ready for the climate transition? With the increasing demand for transparency and accountability on climate risk disclosures, Manifest Climate makes it easier to put climate at the center of your business decisions and turn your climate risk into a competitive advantage.


Tackle the impact of climate on your business confidently

Manifest Climate gives your business the tools, data, and support needed to identify climate-related risks and opportunities, track peer action and market trends, build competency internally, and provide better disclosures aligned with global reporting standards and framework.

The climate solution trusted by leading global companies


Gain insights that empower your team

Multi-industry experts and climate strategists

Partnering with Manifest Climate gives you direct access to a multi-disciplinary, multi-industry team of experts that understand climate challenges at a national and global scale - and to the innovative tools they build for some of the world’s largest organizations.

Robust methodology built around international standards

We combine best practices from the TCFD framework with other guidelines such as ISSB, SEC, CSA and UK to help you benchmark the climate-related actions that other audits often miss. Unlike consulting services, our methodology will evolve with changing standards to remain current and relevant.

Scalable and cost-efficient solution delivery

Our solution combines advanced analytics and machine learning with our climate expertise to deliver data-driven recommendations and decision-useful insights faster and more cost effectively than traditional alternatives.

Climate strategy and advisory services

With our Climate Risk Planning solution at the core, our team of climate experts are there to provide strategic advisory and support clients every step of the way.

  • Contextualizing market intelligence through monthly trends presentations.
  • Facilitating workshops to complement competency building and learning.
  • Supporting key climate priorities like GHG Emissions Accounting, Net Zero, Target Setting, Governance and Scenario Analysis.
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Comprehensive climate assessment methodology across multiple global frameworks and standards

Understand your organization’s alignment with the recommendations of multiple reporting standards and framework and uncover your exposure to climate risks, and capture mission critical insights to inform your strategy. TCFD, SEC, ISSB, CSA, UK

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