Climate Thought Leaders

Our team of climate thought leaders are global experts in the climate change space. They have guided countless businesses in their transition to a climate-adapted economy and have been widely recognized for their contributions to their fields. Together, they bring a multi-disciplinary lens to climate change, helping businesses navigate complexity and thrive.

Laura Zizzo

Laura is a trained lawyer, communicator, and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience leading organizations towards a low-carbon and climate-adapted future.

Joy Williams

Joy is an engineer who brings a multi-disciplinary approach to climate change and other environmental, social and governance issues.

Olena Kholodova

Olena is a professional accountant and climate change strategy and disclosure expert who translates climate change risks and opportunities into business insights.

Larissa Sequeira

Larissa is a civil engineer with extensive experience with net-zero strategy design, stakeholder engagement, policy development, risk management, and reporting.

Anton Tabuns

Anton is a lawyer with experience in climate risk, climate-related disclosure, environmental and climate law, and due diligence. He leads projects focused on identifying climate impacts.

Adam Rochwerg

Adam is a lawyer with experience in climate-related policy, law, disclosure, and liability. He leads clients in a multidisciplinary approach to understanding and managing climate impacts.

Kevin Quinlan

Kevin brings over a decade of experience helping businesses, governments and non-profits identify climate risk and maximize the advantages of the shift towards a low-carbon economy.

Rinali Roy

Rinali has been a climate change and sustainability consultant for over 8 years and focuses on providing service offerings across Manifest’s climate-related solutions.

Alisa Kinkaid

Alisa is a lawyer with extensive experience in the pension industry who has helped boards and committees fulfill their oversight of company retirement plans.

Pete Richardson

Pete brings over 15 years of experience advising clients on international law and development projects, with a focus on climate change, energy and infrastructure.

Tyrone Hall

Tyrone is a climate change specialist with over a decade of in-country research, intergovernmental and industry experience across the globe.

Sanket Mehta

Sanket is a certified sustainability practitioner and a responsible investment professional who consults on climate change strategy and financial disclosures.

Shashanka Suresh

Shashanka is a chemical engineer specializing in sustainable development and technologies, with over 5 years of experience working in environmental sustainability.

Jeff Horlor

Jeff is a finance specialist experienced in helping financial institutions integrate climate considerations into their strategy and risk management processes.

Katie Blum

Katie is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) experienced in helping public and private sector companies perform climate-related risk and disclosure assessments.