Self-Managed and Purpose Driven

We have big ambitions at Manifest. As the economy transitions to net-zero, we see our role as more than just a job—we see ourselves as stewards of long-term business success and positive climate action.

We believe in the power of autonomy and empower every team member to lead us in informing and inspiring business resilience in a climate-impacted economy.

Why Work With Us

We are a group of the best and brightest, embracing self-management philosophies and always evolving to meet our highest purpose.

We share decision-making authority amongst our team rather than having a top-down approach. To be successful, we are each accountable to our roles and our team. We believe our increased autonomy allows us to be more efficient, more effective, and more agile in achieving our mission.

We also believe that bringing our whole selves to work means a more vibrant environment. We encourage every team member to be their authentic self. We are all richer for it.

Our Values

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We understand that nothing is static and to continue evolving means trying, failing, growing, and adapting fearlessly. We encourage an open mindset. We take a fail forward approach to our work.

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Our purpose stands behind every decision we make. We are curious, engaged, and passionate about finding synergy between business and the climate. We take pride in our impact-driven work.

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We grow leaders that have the confidence to bring their expertise and knowledge to the organization and the industry. We view leadership as being an equal member of the team.

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We’re greater as a whole and better when we celebrate diversity. We collaborate to get to where we’re going and have fun along the way. Together, we’re committed to our purpose and to each other’s growth.

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Manifest is an open and honest environment where everyone has access to the same information. We enable every team member to participate in the conversation and shape our direction.

Our Benefits


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Open Positions

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