Five Ways Mining Companies Can Engage on Climate, and the Business Case For Doing So

September 21st, 2022

Mining is in a unique position: it has direct or indirect responsibility for more than ¼ of the world’s emissions and also represents a master key to unlock an effective low carbon transition.

The industry is under immense pressure from investors, activists and media and governments to lower its emissions and improve overall ESG performance. Whilst many mining companies have committed to net zero, they face real challenges in the form of remote locations, complex supply chains and high opex and capex.

As mining companies map out their climate response, this webinar will look at five tangible ways to engage on climate. Using case studies, it will cover: 

  1. The use of data to identify sector and value chain leaders; 
  2. The importance of communication; 
  3. The impact of emerging regulatory frameworks and standards around the world; 
  4. The potential upside of engagement; 
  5. How to build a culture of organizational climate resilience.