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As a leading climate technology solution provider, our team of multi-industry experts understand the full scale of the climate challenge.

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Find out how you're really doing on climate readiness

Our AI-led approach found that most companies are already doing more to manage climate risks than they think. Our data shows that on average, organizations are doing 84% better* than they know and disclose. We can help you benchmark the climate-related actions that other audits often miss.

*Better refers to TCFD-alignment of internal processes related to overall risk identification, not actual management of climate risk or path towards net-zero or resiliency.

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Manage climate risk and build resilience

Our SaaS service model gives the best of both worlds: cutting-edge technology and dedicated support from experts.


Gain insights that empower your team

Proprietary methodology and cutting-edge technology

We combine expertise and technology to deliver business-focused climate risk and opportunity solutions to some of the world's largest asset managers, utility companies and financial institutions.

One of North America's largest climate strategy service providers

Our record of success, thought leadership and partnerships in the industry has given us the knowledge, experience and skills to guide clients from across the climate maturity spectrum.

Multi-industry experts and climate strategists

Partnering with Manifest Climate gives you direct access to a multi-disciplinary, multi-industry team of experts that understand climate challenges at a national and global scale - and to the innovative tools they build.

Climate News

Manifest Climate has been selected to join Unreasonable CHANGE, a new strategic collaboration between Accenture and Unreasonable, to support entrepreneurs building solutions to global sustainability challenges.

Unreasonable CHANGE is a three-year strategic collaboration, built on the shared belief that supporting social entrepreneurs innovating for a sustainable future, is not only a…

Poor Sustainability Data May Hinder Canada’s Climate Transition

Canada has a sustainability data problem. Until it’s solved, financial institutions will struggle to efficiently allocate capital in support of the country’s climate transition.  That’s…

Climate Trends: Strengthening Transition Plans Climbs to the Top of the Regulatory Agenda

A transition plan is the backbone of an organization’s climate strategy as it sets out how a company, public body, or financial institution intends to…

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