Relevant insights for your company’s climate strategy

Manifest will show you where your company is already taking steps to align with climate-related financial disclosure best practices. We provide insights with a steady stream of curated climate data and analysis. We make it easy to access the information and opportunities that are right for you and your business’ long-term success.

Disclose & Educate

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Climate Disclosures

Manifest Climate is a strong supporter of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and is a recognized leader in this space. Our proprietary methodology and software is used to assess and improve our clients’ climate disclosures. A TCFD Maturity Assessment provides clients with a gap analysis, benchmarking against peers and industry leaders, and recommendations for next steps. A team of experts is available to provide further support to clients with writing or evolving TCFD disclosures, while ensuring alignment with other sustainability and reporting frameworks.


Climate Competence

Our clients leverage our multi-disciplinary team of climate experts to keep their boards, executives and advisors up to date on critical areas of climate change. Our core educational materials cover TCFD best practices, climate governance, and key climate news and trends. Advanced or customized training is also available on topics such as climate law and policy, scenario analysis, life cycle assessments, industry specific climate resilience training, and more.

Identify & Assess

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Climate Risk & Opportunity Identification

Manifest Climate helps our clients surface climate risks and opportunities across short, medium and long term time horizons. Our diverse team of specialists assess our clients’ physical assets, operations, products/services, and portfolios. We identify where climate can impact strategy, business operations and financial planning. The result is a tailored view of key climate-related risks, opportunities and impacts.

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Climate Scenario Analysis

Scenario analysis considers different combinations of climate-related risk and provides insight to assess how each risk may affect a business—financially, strategically and operationally. Manifest Climate guides clients through the process of scenario analysis, helping clients choose the scenarios that are right for their business and integrate the results into planning and decision-making.

Implement & Manage


Climate Resilience Planning

We have extensive experience working in cross-functional teams with our clients to develop ambitious yet actionable plans to drive climate resilient business strategies. A climate resilience blueprint can include setting goals, aligning key actions to lines of business, change management, and using the right metrics to measure success.


Climate Governance & Risk Management

Manifest Climate helps our clients define and implement a climate governance and risk management framework, recognizing that every organization has a unique business and operational culture. We help clients develop and enhance processes for monitoring and managing climate-related risks. We also help clients ensure a robust climate governance structure is in place for oversight and decision-making. Defining roles and responsibilities for boards, management, and other staff and stakeholders is critical.