Nothing Less than a Complete Transformation - the Road to Net-Zero and Climate Transparency

June 16, 2021

For this webinar, Manifest Climate team members, Laura Zizzo, Tyrone Hall, Joy Williams and Pete Richardson, discuss the IEA’s roadmap to Net-Zero. They talk about how the IEA vision fits into the ever-evolving landscape of the global climate response, and how net-zero ambition is helping to drive the push toward mandatory climate-related disclosures, such as the TCFD.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) released its flagship report, Net-Zero by 2050, charting a course that anticipates “nothing less than a complete transformation” of the global energy sector. In this webinar, we discuss what businesses will need to do to survive and thrive in this transformation? And what are the consequences of being left behind?

We explore the challenges of the transition to net-zero for companies, financial institutions, asset managers and investors, the latest trends in corporate climate disclosures, and the opportunities that exist for forward-thinking organizations.

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